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What does a conveyancer do for the buyer? 

What does a conveyancer do for the buyer? 

June 1, 2021


If you’ve purchased a property the ultimate aim is to become the registered proprietor or owner. The legal ownership is transferred to you, from the vendor. This legal process of ownership transfer is called conveyancing.

Conveyancing solicitors prepare the legal documentation and coordinate the conveyancing process to ensure that the transfer of ownership to the buyer is successfully completed. The details of the conveyance are in the Contract of Sale including property details, parties, price, settlement date and special conditions.

Some of the work conveyancers do for buyers:


  • Ensuring that the seller has the right to sell the property. We check that there are no encumbrances on the title that would prevent the transfer of ownership to you;
  • Optional pre-purchase contract advice and review of the contract and the seller’s property disclosure statement (or Section 32 statement). We identify if there are risks or terms of the contract that require amendment to better protect you as the buyer;
  • Advice in relation to the contract and section 32 once you have signed. This gives you a clear understanding of your rights and obligations and important actions and dates that you need to be aware of;
  • Communicating and advising you on every step of the conveyancing process. We keep you well informed about your responsibilities and contractual obligations as a buyer from day one;
  • Preparing all the necessary legal paperwork to prepare for the transfer of ownership;
  • Adjusting unpaid rates and outgoings against the property for settlement, so that any outstanding rates and fees do get passed onto you after settlement;
  • Notifying you of your share of the rates and fees payable at settlement and prepare the Statement of Adjustments;
  • Ensuring all fees and documents are provided so that you can be the new proprietor registered on the certificate of title. This includes things such as balance of purchase price, stamp duty, title registration fees, bank fees and conveyancing fees;
  • Coordinating the conveyancing process with other parties involved, such as incoming lenders to ensure they have all relevant documentation for settlement;
  • Liaising with the seller’s legal representative, the real estate agent and other parties to ensure that they are ready in a timely manner. We check settlement figures and co-ordinate settlement to check everything we can to avoid any last minute hiccups;
  • We use PEXA (an online settlement platform) for electronic settlements. We upload settlement figures, check and arrange for the payment of settlement monies to the vendor; and
  • Advising councils and other authorities of transfer of ownership details.


These steps all have different time frames and often times issues come up that need attention. We monitor all the parties involved and make sure everyone is ready for settlement.

At PCL Lawyers we understand the importance of conducting the conveyancing process correctly. We work hard to ensure a smooth settlement and to protect you as the buyer.

Here at Conveyancing Depot we understand that purchasing a property can be an exciting yet stressful time. You can rely on our conveyancers and lawyers working closely with you to ensure that a smooth and successful settlement. They will advise you and guide you every step of the way from purchase to ownership of the property.

We do a lot of things for our buyers….but we don’t help with packing and unpacking the boxes!

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