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Selling a Property

Our conveyancing service for property sales.

Getting your property ready for sale can take a lot of preparation and planning. Finding the right conveyancing lawyer may not seem the top priority to begin with but it is crucial to making the entire sale process go smoothly.

Most sellers or vendors require their Contract of Sale prepared quickly and more importantly correctly. Not only will you need someone to produce the legal documents quickly but, you should look for a conveyancer or property lawyer that is professional and will be helpful through the entire conveyancing process through to settlement day.

Conveyancing can look like a simply transactional service, but it is quite involved and requires specific legal knowledge and training to do well.

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What we do for you..

When you are selling all the documents must be 100% correct. There is no room for error and a purchaser could walk from or terminate a contract if there are omissions or errors.

We take the time to get the right instructions and make sure that the Contract of Sale (and Section 32) are prepared correctly. We try to do this as quickly as possible so that you can give these documents to interested buyers. Read More about Vendor Statements and Section 32s here.

Quite often you will have questions that come up that we can help with before the sale. Once the sale has gone through we start communicating with the other side and making sure that they meet their obligations under the contract. For Victorian properties we handle the early deposit release (or Section 27s).

Whether you are an experienced property investor, developer or selling your home for the first time we can assist.

Our team will work with all the parties involved to make sure that you are well represented and informed during the process.

We can help you if you are selling:

  • Vacant Land
  • New or existing Home
  • Units, Townhouses & Apartments
  • Off the Plan Sales and Developers
  • Commercial, Rural & Industrial Properties

We also manage the settlement process and online lodging; booking settlement and calculating the settlement figures. We ensure your bank is ready and the otherside can meet settlement. After settlement we ensure that the appropriate notices are finalised.

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We work hard to so that you are:


When you are buying or selling a home many legal issues can arise and we have expert legal knowledge and negotiation skills to help give you the best options both practical and legal.


We make sure you are well informed through the sale process and know what to expect next – especially if it’s the first time you are selling. We explain the process and the issues so that you know what is happening.


Our team work hard to provide high quality customer service and legal advice through the settlement process. We help out clients navigate any problems.

Finding the Right Conveyancing Lawyer.

Getting the right legal advice is important.

For most people buying and selling a house is the single most expensive transaction that you will ever do.

You should look for conveyancing lawyers that have many years of knowledge and experience in helping people sell their properties. Finding a cost-effective conveyancing service is very important, but shouldn’t come at the expense of the service you receive.

We are more than just conveyancers

It is important that you consider not all property transactions go smoothly and you may need more legal advice and a conveyancing lawyer who can negotiate; understands the law and also act quickly and decisively for you. Conveyancers are not able to give you legal advice if something happens.

Our conveyancing lawyers will work hard to ensure that you understand the process and are well organised to meet all your legal obligations.

Our property team are dedicated and friendly experts that are ready to help you know.

Speak to one of our team today about how we can help you selling your property and get a free quote or complete the quote form here.