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Other Property Transactions

Other property transactions we can assist with are:

  • Subdivisions & Lodgement of Plans
  • Contract Advice
  • Family Law property Transfer
  • Property Transfers
  • Rectification or Change of Title Details
  • Compulsory Acquisition

Being property lawyers we can assist with many property transactions and help you with any property related query.

If you need assistance with subdivisions or any title amendments or State Revenue Office disputes we can provide clear advice.

We provide clear contract advice to clients who are buying or selling before you enter into a contract or as a part of a due diligence period. We can draft special conditions and check the contract for special conditions that may not be suitable or fair.

Many contracts of sale are drafted by the Vendors Solicitor and contain unfair penalty interest rates and other charges and fees that we can negotiate out of the contract for you.

For other more complex property transfers for family or probate we can assist you with a fast cost-effective solution. We work hard to ensure that everything is done as soon as possible.

We can advise and assist with many other more complex and different property issues. We can help with title issues and many other property related issues that may arise such as compulsory acquisition and State Revenue office disputes.