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How to find out who owns a property.

How to find out who owns a property.

August 8, 2023

If you are wanting to find out who owns a particular parcel of land, a property search of the Government records is required to reveal the property ownership details. There are several types of property searches and a title search is the one that provides core information about a property. A title search includes information about the ownership, lot and plan, mortgages or encumbrances such as easements or covenants on the property.  

With other property searches you check mortgage registrations, detailed easements, covenants, plans and historical property information. If you need to fix the title record or are looking to lodge a caveat or a mortgage on a property, out property lawyers can assist. 

How do I do a Title Search? 

A title search can be done by anyone authorised to access the Government property records. Search providers like GlobalX or Infotrack will get the relevant information. Usually, your lawyer or conveyancer will have access to this platform and can-do searches on your behalf. For property investors and real estate agents that are interested in historical sales data as well, there are subscription platforms like CoreLogic. 

Title searches are always done when selling or buying a property by conveyancers or lawyers who in property transactions. They can do one for you if you are transacting with a property.  

Who holds Property Records? 

Property records are maintained by the Land Titles Office in each state or territory in Australia. Property title information are public records, and anyone can access them. There is a fee for searching the registry though.  

How to do a Title Search: 

To do a title search, you will need to know the property’s address or the title or plan details. You can access property records online through government sites or an authorised information broker. 

There are some search providers: 

You can use the state based system see list below, or a searching platform such as Inforack, Dye and Durham, Citec Confirm, Landchecker PSI Global . They all have different offerings and pricing so be sure to pick the best option for you.

These are the various Australian Government sites for each State/Territory:

Victoria: Landata

NSW: Land Registry Services

Queensland: Titles Queensland 

South Australia: Land Services SA

Western Australia: Landgate

Tasmania: Land Information System Tasmania

Northern Territory: NTLIS

ACT: Access Canberra


How we can help you with Title searches and amending Title records

If you need to find out who owns a property, we can perform property searches for you. We can help if you require current or historical property information as well.

If your property title records are not correct, such as updating your name on title, we can help you get the title details rectified. We can also assist if you need any encumbrances such as mortgages or caveats removed.

If you need help with property title searches or amending property details, we can assist. Call one of our property lawyers today to get assistance.

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