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Do I Need A “Conveyancer Near Me”?

Do I Need A “Conveyancer Near Me”?

April 19, 2021

We all like convenience and this is no different for people when search for professional services. Many people search online for a conveyancer near me, but do you need a conveyancer near you?

But, you don’t need a conveyancer that is located nearby. It has always possible that conveyancing could be done remotely – even before electronic settlements. Now with electronic conveyancing in Melbourne (and increasingly across Australia) becoming the norm it makes it much, much easier. So, having a conveyancer near you is not essential.

Instead, you should prioritise looking for the best conveyancing service and value for money you can get rather than looking for a conveyancer near you. Having a professional conveyancing team help you will take away much of the stress and issues that can come when getting ready for settlement and conveyancing.

Before electronic conveyancing was introduced original documents, such as the transfer of land, had to be posted around. Now we don’t require as many original legal documents. We mainly require original client authorities and Verification of Identity (VOI) to be done in person. The VOI can be done at the post office or with other organisations that can even come to your home or place of work.

Previously the only reason to have a local conveyancer was if there was time pressure on getting documents signed. With technology improvements many forms are now completed online.

This is the same for all property transactions for example selling a property, buying a property, commercial property transactions or transfers between related parties.

Most people never meet their conveyancer.

They mostly will only communicate with their conveyancer on the phone and via email. So it’s important to look for a conveyancer that you feel you can talk to and understands you. They should also be able to negotiate and protect you if a problem arises. It is also important to consider the team and who else you will be working with – are they experienced too?

Engaging a conveyancing or a conveyancing lawyer will not affect the price greatly and you will be better protected if a problem comes up. Conveyancers are not able to give you legal advice but conveyancing solicitors are. If something happens and your conveyancer is associated with a law firm then getting advice will be easy. They are typically better at negotiating difficult situations as well as they are more experienced in handling disputes and just as cost-effective.


Interstate Conveyancing

Conveyancing for interstate properties can also be done remotely. You will need to take care and choose a property lawyer that understands the different state laws and has experience in that state. Each state has different conveyancing procedures and property laws. Some may be slight variations but cause major issues if not handled correctly.

If you are looking for an interstate property conveyancing service, you should be looking for a lawyer. Licenced conveyancers are only authorised in some states such as Victoria. Australian property lawyers can act in any state or territory in Australia. Our team can help you with any interstate conveyancing.

If you are buying or selling it is always best to speak to someone first before you engage them. This way you will see if they really are a professional service on how they engage with you.

At Conveyancing Depot we take great care in the conveyancing service and work we do for our clients. Our team are experienced conveyancers and lawyers in Melbourne and can handle many matters across other states.

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