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Conveyancing Melbourne

Conveyancing Depot is a conveyancing law firm started in Melbourne in 2021 and is backed by the experienced law firm PCL Lawyers. The lawyers at PCL Lawyers have extensive experience in in residential and complex property transactions.

Whether you are selling or buying property in Melbourne our conveyancing lawyers and conveyancers have extensive local Melbourne and Victorian knowledge.

There is no property transaction too simple or too hard for our team.

We help our clients with:

  • Residential Conveyancing

    Buying or Selling Homes, Off-the-Plan, House & Build Packages

  • Commercial Conveyancing

    Buying or Selling retail, rural or industrial property

  • Transfers, Estates and Re-finances

    We can assist with related parties transfers, estates and complex re-finances or lodgements of mortgages or caveats.

  • Plan Registrations & Land Titles Lodgements

    We can assist with lodgements of plans of subdivisions and other Land Titles Lodgements such as mortgages and caveats.

We have a deep understanding of the nuances and differences that make conveyancing in Melbourne unique compared to other states in Australia.

If you have a matter that requires professional, cost-effective handling of your matter contact one of our Melbourne property team today to discuss how we can help you.

We have extensive local knowledge across greater Melbourne and Victoria. We have helped many clients buy their first home, investment properties or commercial transactions.

Complex Matters & Disputes

Our professional and full conveyancing and property service means that no matter what may happen in your matter we have expert property lawyers that can assist.

We routinely handle disputes and can advise on complex property litigation matters. This means that expert, concise advice is readily available through our network and you don’t have to take your file to another firm to get advice if an issue arises.

This is very helpful for those involved in family law matters and for commercial and industrial property transactions.

Call one of our team on 1300 900 440 and see how we can help you when buying or selling property is Melbourne or greater Victoria.

About Melbourne

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and has multiple different areas that are quite different. The multi-cultural background and eclectic mix of races means that Melbourne has one of the most diverse populations. Our culture is rich with people from all over the world bringing the best of their food and customs.

Looking for Properties to buy

To find out more about property for sale in Melbourne or Victoria real estate visit or The sale of Real Estate in Melbourne is governed by the Victorian State Laws and Consumer Affairs Victoria regulates the consumer laws and have some helpful information for home buyers.

Planning and Councils

Local Council’s handle the rates, local planning and local government services across Victoria. Find the local council for help with planning or building applications when buying a property in Melbourne here. Melbourne has many local council areas that take care of rates and local services such building permits, parks and waste. Click here to find your local council. Each council has their own planning to comply with. If you are considering redeveloping or renovating you may need to seek advice from a Town Planner on what you are permitted to do with your property.


Melbourne has long held a spot in the top 10 most liveable cities to live in the world. If you are looking to move to Melbourne or invest have a look at what this city has to offer at the Visit Melbourne or Visit Victoria Site.

Education in Melbourne

Melbourne is home to some the of the highest ranked schools and universities in the world. Read more on our universities here.

Our private schools and education generally is also highly regarded globally.