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Conveyancing Geelong & Queenscliff Borough

Our conveyancing lawyers at Conveyancing Depot can help you with conveyancing in Geelong.

For those buying or selling property in Geelong we offer an extensive range of services in conveyancing and property law. Conveyancing Depot is a dedicated property conveyancing law firm.

We help our clients with:

  • Residential Property Conveyancing

    Buying and Selling property including Off-the-Plan & House & Build Packages

  • Commercial Conveyancing

    Buying and Selling retail, rural or industrial property

  • Transfers, Estates and Re-finances

    We can assist with property transfers, estates and complex re-finances or lodgements of mortgages or caveats and more.

  • Plan Registrations & Land Titles Lodgements

    We can assist developers and others with lodgements of plans of subdivisions and other Land Titles Lodgements such as mortgages and caveats.

Our team have a deep understanding of the Greater Geelong area. We understand the requirements for conveyancing and have helped many people buy and sell houses in the Greater Geelong area. We have extensive experience helping first home buyers, investors and developers.

Barwon Heads is the original “Sea Change” town. Queenscliff is another main town and council in the area and is very small and picturesque.

Some of the other towns include: Ocean Grove, Point Lonsdale

We can help you whether you are buying residential or commercial property. Your matter is run by lawyers and conveyancers who have extensive experience in property conveyancing.

Complex Matters & Property Disputes

When buying and selling property the value of the property makes it the largest financial investment of your life. As you are in a legally binding contract it can expose you to a great risks if everything doesn’t run smoothly. It is especially important for you to have expert property advice.

If an issue does arise in your conveyancing matter, we can provide expert legal advice. Our team is supported by a team of property lawyers, who have experience in running complex property litigation.

There will be no requirement to engage another firm if you have an issue with your conveyancing matter. Everything can be handled in house. We work hard to get any issues or property disputes sorted quickly and effectively.

Call one of our team and see how we can help you when buying or selling property in Geelong.

Read more about the difference when buying property in Victoria.

Are you Moving to or Investing in Geelong?

Many Melburnians consider moving to Geelong, or the Surf Coast. They are bustling and fast-growing areas of Victoria. The proximity to Melbourne and the natural beauty make the area an ideal place for many people to live. Geelong is attractive to many young families living a more relaxed lifestyle. The increasing ease of commuting to Melbourne for work from Geelong can make it a cheaper and less stressful lifestyle.

Geelong is a major urban hub and has long industrial history and is changing into a modern urban hub. The amazing beaches along the Victorian coastline means that Geelong residents have the best of city, the beach and the country too.

We have helped many people buy and sell their properties in Geelong. If you would like any help contact one of our conveyancers for advice about the Greater Geelong area.

Helpful resources for Property Buyers & Sellers

Looking for Properties to buy

To find out more about property around Geelong and Nearby Towns visit or

Property Sale History

On the House is a great resource for suburb profiles and land size, sale history and more.

Planning and Councils

Local Council’s handle the rates, local planning and local government services across Victoria. Find the local council for help with planning or building applications when buying a property in Geelong here.

Planning Information

Each area across both Greater Geelong has different planning requirements, overlays and restrictions. It is important if you are going to develop land or build a house on the Surf Coast or Greater Geelong that you understand some of the restrictions. Many of the rural land has tight restrictions as to what can be done. Click here for more planning information.

Education Providers in Geelong and the Surf Coast

There are many options for public and private schools in the area. Geelong is the home to the famous private school, Geelong Grammar, that Prince Charles attended. He spent a year at Timbertop, not actually Geelong Grammar.

Royalty aside, there are great options for schools all throughout the Greater Geelong area. Have a look at some of the schools in Geelong here:


If you are considering University or further education Geelong has many options too. Read more here.

Get the Right Advice

Call us if you need help in Geelong with property conveyancing. We provide expert conveyancing advice.

Our team have conveyancing lawyers and conveyancers that assist with your property transaction. Contact us for a free quote today.

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