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We have a standard professional fixed-fee structure designed to be cost-effective for our clients. We don’t spend money on things you don’t need and look to save you money where possible.

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Conveyancing Depot is a dedicated conveyancing law firm and we have lawyers and professional conveyancers assisting on your matter.

How much does conveyancing cost?

There are very few firms that will give you a true fixed fee. So be aware that there are always costs that may get added if issues come up or something further is required. Mostly conveyancers charge fees for their professional work on a fixed basis.

The price for conveyancing is different for each client depending on what is required. Much of the costs for conveyancing are actually for disbursements such as council rate searches and PEXA online lodgement fees. These costs can vary dramatically depending on different types of properties.

Conveyancing Costs for Purchasing a property

If you are buying a house, we work on a fixed professional conveyancing fee model. This is where the common items for our conveyancing service are a fixed charges or fees. You will get a list of these as a part of our costs disclosure. In addition to paying for our conveyancing fees you will need to pay for disbursements. Read more here on disbursements.

Additional work such as extending settlement additional fees have charges for this work. Many clients only require minimal conveyancing work done which is typically fixed.

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Conveyancing Costs for Selling a property

Our conveyancing fees for selling are a house are usually charged in two separate fees. Firstly, the fees to produce the Contract of Sale and Section 32. Secondly, the remainder of the conveyancing service fees are charged at settlement. This way if you don’t sell your house there is nothing further to pay.

There are additional fees for disbursements and any additional work outside the standard scope of works. Additional work is for things such as default notices and extensions requests etc.

If you are selling and would like to know how much our conveyancing service is and how we can help, please call.

Conveyancing Costs for Transfers

Transfers are done usually through related parties or as part of a family law settlement or after the death of a loved one. Call one of our conveyancers for a price on a property transfer today.

Costs for Sub-divisions

We can provide you with a quote for your sub-division and lodging of plans and other Land Title Office lodgements as well. Please call us to discuss your matter and obtain a quote.

Costs for Contract Advice

Depending on the legal advice and whether you are buying or selling real estate we have different prices to suit your needs.

Speak to one of your conveyancing lawyers today about getting a quote for contract advice.

FAQs about Conveyancing Costs & Fees

When do you pay conveyancing fees?

Conveyancing fees are typically paid at settlement with the other settlement monies at the end of the conveyancing process.

Usually, you will be given a draft invoice before settlement so you can check the fees and then at settlement when all the monies are being prepared by your lender the fees for your conveyancing are paid.

When you are selling this will come out of your sale proceeds. When you are buying you will have to ensure there are enough funds in your bank account or loan monies for your lender to pay at settlement when they draw upon your account or loan.

If you don’t have a lender and buying you would use the conveyancing lawyers trust account and the funds would be accessed from there at settlement.

If you are selling a property you may have made a part payment when the Contract (and Section 32) is prepared.

What are disbursements?

Disbursements are a component of a legal bill for additional fees or services that are provided to you at cost. They are for such things required for the legal work and are provided by other third-parties. They are itemised under your tax invoice as disbursements.

In conveyancing disbursements often include fees for searches on your property such as title searches, rate searches etc. These searches are required to complete your conveyancing matter and properly calculate what rates are outstanding at settlement and to check the amount owing. There would almost certainly be PEXA fees that are charged to you.

What is PEXA?

PEXA is an Online Property Exchange Platform used exclusively by conveyancing lawyers, licensed conveyancers and banks/mortgage lenders. Government land titles records are electronic now and most conveyancing transactions must be done online. PEXA is one company that offers this online settlement service.

Prior to online settlements representatives for the buyer and seller and banks had to meet and hand over and check physical documents and bank cheques. These documents then had to be lodged at the Land Titles Office. Now these settlement documents are produced, checked and signed online and the settlement monies are disbursed through the PEXA platform at settlement.

During an online settlement the mortgage and title records at the Land Titles office are also instantly updated with the new owners and lender details. PEXA is also aligned with the State Revenue office and monies for Stamp Duty are paid at the time of settlement. This can vary from state to state as the time of when you have to pay stamp duty varies.

Only solicitors or licensed conveyancers can access PEXA on behalf of their clients. They must also seek authority from our clients to use this platform and sign documents online on their behalf.

Most conveyancing transactions are handled on PEXA and in time different settlement portals will become available.

Are there extra fees with electronic conveyancing?

Yes, PEXA charges fees for a settlements and lodging for other Land Titles transactions such as caveats. These will usually be noted a part of your conveyancing fees under disbursements. As many states are now mandating electronic conveyancing these fees are unavoidable. Prior to electronic conveyancing you would have paid for someone to attend settlement so there is no large additional costs in real terms.