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We know that buying or selling a house is an important decision in life and investment.

The experienced conveyancers at our disposal will assist you throughout the process. Everything is taken care of so nothing is overlooked. Relax with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

We represent many clients, including first-time homebuyers and experienced investors as well as developers.

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We offer a cost-effective, efficient and effective conveyancing service to meet your needs.


Conveyancing Depot’s lawyers and conveyancers are highly skilled in providing quality contract advice and assistance for property transfers.

From simple contracts to complex family law transfers or subdivisions we can help you with your conveyancing needs.

Our firm is a law firm that specialises in property conveyancing. If you require legal advice, we can help.

Lawyers can offer legal advice on property law issues and agreements, unlike licensed conveyancers. This means that if a problem does come up midst conveyancing we can act swiftly to resolve it and provide advice.

Conveyancing Depot is protected and offers expert property law advice, representation, and assistance in any situation.

We keep you updated about where your matter is, and what’s next.

We make sure that you feel supported throughout the entire process. We offer a simple service and are straightforward conveyancing lawyers.

Conveyancing in Coburg or anywhere else around Australia is now easier with online conveyancing. This does not mean that your service should suffer!

Our friendly, professional, and competitive conveyancing team based in the Melbourne CBD make your transaction both secure and affordable.

You can rely on us for seamless processes, from beginning to end.

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More about Coburg

If you were asking once if Coburg dodgy the answer might have been yes. However, Coburg has undergone a significant urban revitalisation over recent years and the restoration of the Notorious Pentridge Prison is evidence of the revamp.

There are parks and a new estate close to the prison and given it’s proximity, 8km, to the Melbourne CBD it is growing in popularity. The Coburg lake reserve is a large park that attracts visitors from all over Melbourne.


Coburg had around 26,185 people in Coburg in the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census.

Planning & Council

Building and planning information can be obtained from the City of Moreland.


Coburg has a few stations as well on the Upfield Line they are the Fawkner Station, Merlynston Station and Batman Station.

Coburg also has Trams and buses servicing the area as well.