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Contract Advice

Contract Advice: Buying Property

Contracts to buy a house or investment property are legally binding. Getting legal advice before you sign a Contact of Sale cannot be more highly recommended.

Unlike most purchases you make buying a property is one of the largest financial decisions most people make.

It is important to make sure the contract is right and you understand what you are buying and on what terms. Some properties have cooling-off periods, but many do not and once the contract is signed it is difficult to get out of.

We check the Contract of Sale (and Section 32) documentation and make sure what you have agreed to goes into the contract and what you haven’t comes out.

Advice on buying a house

Many home buyers will need advice on buying a house as they are buying at auction and this is unconditional. We help our clients and make sure they are protected and understand the key elements of the contract. We recommend removal of special conditions and check for any exposure to additional costs.

We also make sure that the property in the contract is the one you are buying. Our conveyancers check the title and the plan and for any restrictions over the property.

Our conveyancers take care with complex contracts and check for special conditions that are unreasonable.

We can also help draft any special conditions you wish. Our conveyancing lawyers are skilled at drafting special conditions so you are fully protected. We never recommend using Real Estate Agents special conditions.

Advice when buying off the plan

Buying a property off-the-plan usually comes a contract that is inches thick!

Off-the-plan contracts are always full of special conditions that favour the vendor (or seller). We make sure that these conditions are not too onerous and uncommercial. We recommend changes if they are.

We also do all the other checks on the property and explain the process of buying of the plan so you know what to expect.

There are concepts purchasers buying off-the-plan should be aware of. We will explain the process, the possible benefits and the risks. Our conveyancing lawyers have handled many disputes in this area and we have experience with what works and what doesn’t.

Contract Advice on Property Investment

When it comes to property investments or development – you may need special conditions or have other considerations. We can provide advice and draft special conditions to assist you in your purchase.

We can obtain property searches as a part of due diligence periods.

Our conveyancers and lawyers are experienced in helping property investors and developers.

Speak to one of our conveyancers today about getting help with your Contract of Sale.

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