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Buying a Property

Conveyancing: Buying a house or commercial property

Congratulations! We would love to help you buy a house & get your name on title!

Buying a house is a great time. It can also be a stressful process for many people from the nail biting auctions to making one of the largest financial commitments of your life.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or an avid property investor we support you by providing clear advice and protecting your interests through the conveyancing process when buying a house.

We have many, many years of experience of conveyancing in Melbourne and interstate.

How our conveyancing team helps our property purchasers:

Providing Contract Advice

We take a great deal of care with property purchasers and the review of their Contract and if you need conveyancing in Melbourne – Section 32’s. The contract of sale is a legally binding contract and comes with penalties and responsibilities for both the buyer and the seller. Pre purchase advice is wise as it will help prevent issues.

Our conveyancers can help you so that the Contract you sign is correct. We carefully check everything contained in the documents such as special conditions and for things that have not been included. We make sure you are not exposed to any unnecessary costs and the property is sound. It pays to have a solicitor or conveyancer with the right property law experience to check any contracts before you commit.

Negotiation stage

We can provide further assistance in the negotiation stage and our conveyancing lawyers can draft special conditions if needed.

We also find that during the negotiation stage home buyers can be bamboozled or rushed by the process or Real Estate Agent. We are just a phone call away if you don’t understand anything or just need to run something past us. It is better to check with us before you sign a contract than get locked into something that can’t be undone!

Post Contract

Once the contract is signed we really get to work. Our conveyancing team start liaising with you, your lender and the other side. We check the commitments under the contract of sale and prepare the legal documents for settlement.


Once the settlement date is approaching we get ready with the settlement figures and the Statement of Adjustments. Once all the parties agree on the settlement figures our conveyancers then book settlement and arrange for funds to be transferred at settlement to the Vendor and other parties.

After you have settled on your property and take ownership we ensure the council and other authorities have been notified.

Our knowledge and expertise in conveyancing means that our clients are informed and know what to expect.

During the process of buying a house and conveyancing many issues can arise that need to be carefully negotiated. Our team are experts in protecting your interests and firm negotiators. We understand the legal framework and laws that affect conveyancing matters and protect our clients if the otherside tries to take advantage of you.

Our Property Conveyancing Expertise

Our conveyancers and conveyancing lawyers have helping clients buy a house and doing their conveyancing for many years. Our collective experience in conveyancing means that you will have the best advice and options. Whilst some aspects of conveyancing are transactional others need knowledge of different laws outside of the typical Sale of Land Act.

Our conveyancers and lawyers have this knowledge and are experienced in helping to help protect our clients and provide quality advice. Our fees are cost-effective.

What happens if there is a problem?

With any contractual legal matters there is an element of risk.

Your conveyancing matter may not be complex or difficult, but issues can arise. If they do you will want the best representation. At Conveyancing Depot we will provide the best care and attention to your matter, but you have the added benefit of being backed by a law firm that handles and provides legal advice on complex property legal matters. There is nothing too complex for our conveyancing solicitors to handle and we take care to make sure issues are sorted as quickly and effectively as possible.

Conveyancing Costs

We work to a fixed fee model for most of our conveyancing matters. Our conveyancing fees are reasonable and cost effective whether you are buying or selling. Contact one of our team and we will be happy to provide you a quote for our costs.

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