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Conveyancing Depot is a law firm that specialises in Conveyancing in Melbourne and Victoria with the view to expanding our conveyancing service nationally. We provide a professional and thorough conveyancing service to all those buying or selling property.

Whether it is your first home, or you are a sophisticated investor, we will provide a reliable and professional service fit for your needs. Our team is a mix of experienced conveyancers and conveyancing lawyers.

We work hard to ensure that our clients interests are protected during the process of buying, or selling, a house.


We care about our clients and we care about the work that we do as professional lawyers and conveyancers.

Our Service

We aim to provide a high-quality conveyancing service so that our clients are:


We ensure our clients are protected by having the best processes and checks in place.


Conveyancing can be confusing as too can the legal concepts. We explain processes and communicate so our clients are informed and understand their obligations, rights and what happens next.


We work both with our clients and internally to ensure that our clients are supported and so to are our team. If an issues arises we are there to help and a resource to use when selling or buying property.

Our Team

Skill, care and diligence are required to pre-empt issues ensure clients are well advised and issues are resolved quickly. We have an open team environment where our team members skills and knowledge is shared. Client issues are discussed so the best way forward can be determined and you have the options as a client.

Our priority is always to do the best for our clients and our aim is to provide the best service possible. We also look to establish a great relationship with our clients.

Our team are constantly looking to improve how we provide the most effective customer service. We strive to being the best at what we do – and that is looking after our clients and enjoying our work.

We seek to constantly make improvements to how we do things, learning from our clients, team members and colleagues.

In conveyancing you have never seen it all before – there is always something new that comes up!

Our team take a modern approach to how we service our clients and look for the most effective ways of working and communicating.

Meet Our Team

Looking to join our team? Email us at [email protected].

Backed by a Leading Law Firm

Conveyancing Depot is backed by a premier law firm PCL Lawyers that specialises in providing SME and individuals with concise legal advice and commercial understanding. The team at PCL Lawyers have a deep understanding of the law. They take into consideration the commercial objectives of their clients when offering advice.

They have extensive experience in handling a wide range of property matters outside of conveyancing as well. If a matter does become litigious you have the best legal support at your fingertips.

Conveyancing Depot was founded by Glenn Duker in 2021 to be a dedicated professional conveyancing focussed law firm. Glenn has previously founded and operated other successful conveyancing and legal firms both in Victoria and Queensland.

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